There is no branding on it or anything, so i can’t look it up on google, but i’m starting to think i just found gold here. It seems like the calibration is upside down and mirrored, maybe it gets confused? This computer is probably a lot better than my mistreated i5 laptop anyway, so i think it’s well worth the investment of an SSD. Alas, I’m not as lucky as you with finding a core i7 computer in the trash though, so unfortunately I know nothing about setting up a touch screen device TheBellows. Do i have to replace the hard drive and install a full installation of Ubuntu on it to get the drivers i need? I also got some unexpected cash enough to buy a cheap Kingston ssd GB, so i’ll be installing a full distro on it. If your device is built into a laptop, you’ll have the best luck with the mtouch, touchright, touchwin, or touchit drivers.

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And take out the ‘blacklist usbtouchscreen’ line. Libux the next Edward Snowden. Edited by TheBellows, 10 June – But wait, let me explain what I’d probably the reason I say probably in bold is because I haven’t actually got the machine in front of me so I wonder, as i’m currently only running from a 8GB USB stick and the stick is too small for a full install does this make sense?

Several functions may not work.

Download -KeeTouch

Chance are, any changes you make will not be persistent across reboots. To me this is black art: If your device is a tablet with stylus-only input, fujitsu is a popular maker of embedded tablet devices. I had issues getting it llnux work properly with HAL, however this will work regardless: The above seems to work well, though the calibration app seems to not reading my stylus properly.


Good luck with your SSD. Ah, yes you probably have blacklisted the driver with that command. Support for legacy hardware extends the life of older touch equipment allowing it to be used in the latest operating system releases.

Further, we have built into our drivers comprehensive debugging and diagnostics tools to assist with support and maintenance and help identify any issues that may arise, be it system or hardware related. The calibration utility is included in Ubuntu Apart ,inux offering off the shelf driver solutions we offer advice and consultancy services, either hardware or application related. I’ve forgotten my password. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality.

So i assume the drivers i need should be located at http: Open platform support Designed and written to be cross platform and utilising the latest application development tools ensures the latest release of our software is available across all supported platforms. Posted 10 June – Then hopefully that might add the ‘universe’ repo. Is there a distro with all i need and ready to go once i install it? The protocol includes touch events and object locations. The driver is under continuous development to offer more features and support additional operating systems.


Posted 11 June – Where support is offered it may not always cater for specific configurations and desired functionality. It seems like the calibration is upside down and mirrored, maybe it gets confused?

Calibrating touch screen in Linux (Ubuntu)

If your device is built into a laptop, you’ll have the best luck with the mtouch, touchright, touchwin, or touchit drivers. The ‘universe’ business is a repository thing TheBellows.

Wow dude, that seemed to do the trick, it started the calibrator app and the calibrator linix reacted as i was expecting it to and the touch screen now seems to work properly.

This is keteouch Norwegian businesses operatesif it stops working, trash it and buy a new one.

I wonder if that because it’s upside down and mirrored, the calibration waits for a click to the left of the first crosshair perhaps? I will buy an SSD drive when i get the money for it, but for the meantime i’m stuck with the stick.

You currently have javascript disabled. Hmmm, it doesn’t seem to be a line called so, but now the touch screen seems to respond again.