If your convertible tablet PC is not plugged into an AC outlet, you must turn the convertible tablet PC off while changing the batteries. If it asks to set up a new account or an existing one, choose to set up an existing account. E-mail S Open your default e-mail program. Adjusting the color depth Color depth is the number of colors your screen displays. If you have trouble after installing your old programs, you can restore your convertible tablet PC’s previous settings using System Restore. Thepressureof your hand or fingers will not affect any open programs.

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This function is only available in some programs. The Connect window opens. For more information, see “Changing display orientation” on page If you have chosen America Online as an ISP, follow these instructions to set up and connect to your account. Link port that can be used to connect to a digital video camera.

The Preparing the Cover Page screen opens.

The Undock Computer menu item appears in theStart menu only whileyour convertible tablet PC is docked. If reinstalling device drivers or programs does not resolve the problem, reinstall Windows. When finished, Disk Defragmenter asks if you want to quit the program.

Drivers for Gateway Gateway M

Always turn off your convertibletablet PC and other peripherals, then remove the battery before cleaning any components. Remove the bezel from your convertible tablet PC by pulling the bezel toward you and at the same time lifting its front to clear the keyboard. Remember to pack those you will need while traveling, and do not forget gtaeway pack at least one convertible tablet PC pen.


Turn off your convertible tablet PC for takeoff and landing. For more information, see “Changing power settings” on page Power is passed through this port.

Gatewag this chapter to learn how to access: Select print from the computer you are currently using and your file is automatically printed on your printer no matter where it is located on your network. Reset hole O Insert a straightened paper clip into this hole to manually restart your convertible tablet PC. For more information about connecting to the Internet, see “Using the Internet” on page The screen reads the position of the pointer, not the tap.

Gateway Gateway M275 Drivers

Mouse rollers 5 Replace the mouse ball and lock the retaining ring into place. To order a different module, contact Gateway.

Consult your insurance company and credit card company to learn about emergency travel assistance if your convertible tablet PC is lost or damaged. Pensshould not be stored vertically on thetip because constant tip pressure can affect pen-screen interaction.

Laser printers and cartridges are more expensive, but they print much faster than inkjet printers. Cleaning the convertible tablet PC screen Usethespecial cleaning cloth included with yourconvertibletablet PC to wipe away dust and fingerprints.


Managing Power Recalibrating the battery If your convertible tablet PC unexpectedly goes into Standby mode while you are using it but the battery charge is not low, you may need to recalibrate your battery. Transferring your e-mail and address book See your old e-mail program’s online help for information on exporting and importing e-mail messages and the address book.

The Schedule screen opens. To completely turn off all convertible tablet PC power, turn your convertible tablet PC off, remove the battery, and disconnect the AC adapter from the electrical outlet.

This prevents intruders from seeing the computers over the Internet. If you want to reinstall a program, uninstall the old version first.

Drivers & Downloads

Windows provides several backgrounds, or you can use pictures that you have created or retrieved from other sources. If you are using a service other than America Online, check with your ISP for the correct procedure for disconnecting.

For more information, see “Adjusting the volume” on page You can also use the Insert menu to include information that is automatically calculated such as number of pages or date and time sent.