Appreciate your practical, straightforward review, and all the informative comments. Besides backing up on a hard drive, what is the best third-party source Google Docs, iCloud, etc? I think you are assuming the Brother has some unique features. Hi, I have tons of papers that need to be organized including some long legal docs. December 12, at 3: August 21, at 4:

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Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Document Scanner Review

March 26, at 6: I am a teacher. July 22, at 3: Receipts would allow me to automatically add a receipt and categorize it. May 5, at 8: July 10, at 2: That is due, in large part, fujitxu the new on-board processor. We have used Scansnap for 10 years.

January 1, at 2: The Fujitsu ScanSnap iX desktop scanner, now a few years old, remains worth buying whether or not Fujitsu has an update in the works. Like a dream, downloaded to the exact file folder, and I am a happy camper.


I hate buying things and a new one gets released! This thing is a life changer. Is the scanner software keep increase fujitsk file number after I removed some file from the target folder? Easy enough that I did it on my own very quickly.

One small detail about file numbering.

Here it is in action: I invested in a 4 port add in USB 3. Basically a proof of purchase of the specific items and services on each transaction to submit in the event of an IRS audit. I know how to scan to a folder, locate the file and attach it to my transaction but I would save a lot of time if I were able to direct scan.

November 30, at snapshto December 17, at 6: Just got mine today, largely because of your reviews. It seems that a new model has been launched — Scansnap IX Does the ScanSnap software do anything like this, or is this functionality exclusive to Fujitsk

ScanSnap Manager (VL10) Setup Program-S / SM – Fujitsu Global

I will try your suggestion. I just bought this a couple of weeks ago.


My guess is we will see a new ScanSnap desktop scanner within the next 1—2 years. This increase in speed snqpshot remarkable. Should I try getting a new one or should I just give up on this whole ix scanner? I agree with your review totally! Like most document scanners these days, the iX has an ultrasonic multi-feed detector.

July 27, at January 17, at 9: But the best way to get your receipts into QuickBooks is to connect QuickBooks to your bank account, not to manually enter all your receipts — with or without the help of a scanner.

Since it has wi-fi, I would love to snashot wirelessly to my computers, too.