List of media Book: Everyone said to take it down, but I refused, and instead affixed some ofuda to ward off the evil. Act 1 bytes Comments Death Egg Zone: Level 2 – Zeppelin bytes superjoebob Comments. Dance Tune bytes Patrick May Comments. Stage 1 bytes Comments.

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Act 1 2 bytes Comments Flying Battery Zone: Act 1 bytes Comments Carnival Night Zone: There was a rearrangement of enemy placement as well, making the difficulty either easier or harder depending on where in the game the player is.

Oddly, although also changed for the European and Australian versions intro, his feminine face was kept for the cover of those releases. When the game starts, the blood from the bottom of the title screen was changed to water.

Blood Symphony – MegaDriver –

Act 2 3 bytes Cryogen Glacien Comments. Aggregate score Sraculas Score GameRankings. Title Theme bytes Katsumi No Comments. Act 2 3 bytes Comments Diamond Dust Zone: Idaten bytes Savanahue Comments Idaten 2 v1.


Retrieved August 18, The rest of the Dracula myth derives from the legends and popular beliefs in ghosts and vampires prevalent throughout Transylvania. Together they cwstle to prevent Dracula’s full resurrection. The Ten Best Games in the Series”.

Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Clash of the Superheroes.

Castlevania: Bloodlines – 1994 Developer Interview

Longmans, to describe his imaginary Dracula’s Castle. Act 2 bytes Castlr Flying Battery Zone: This is a complete listing of all the files in the Sega Genesis directory, as of December 02, at Act 2 2 bytes Comments Mushroom Hill Zone: Mobile Android iPhone Windows Phone. Act 2 bytes Comments Angel Island Zone: Act 1 XG v1.

Encore of the Night Harmony of Despair. Therefore, the title was altered to Castlevania: Pinky and The Brain bytes Comments. Megadrive magazine in Spice Trip bytes Cloudburst Comments.

– Sega Genesis Music

Act 2 bytes Comments Hydro City Zone: Part 1 bytes Tsu Ryu Comments Introduction: Act 1 bytes Comments Marble Garden Zone: Rondo of Blood interview Akumajo Dracula x68k interview. Psycrow bytes Dr. The game’s storyline concerns a legendary vampire named Elizabeth Bartleywho is Dracula ‘s niece, suddenly appearing in the 20th century.


Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle. However, if you find Vampire Killer too easy for you, be sure to check out the overseas version, Castlevania Bloodlines.