The main reason I ask is I want to know would I be able to remove this drive from the enclosure and install it either inside a normal PC, or in a NAS drive? November 17, at 7: Click for more about me! This is what you called as the real guide that helped me from fist to last how we can fix our dropped hard disk and at the same time take some effective steps that help me to save my important documents from getting lost. Thanks for letting us know! How much of a scare tactic could the information provided here be? This also works for opening the 2tb model DWC

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I am a college student and on a budget. If this happened to your drive, and you turn it on, those arms will drag the bent metal across the platters scratching them.

I powered it down, powered it up but used ubuntu, it came on acleb is visible but taking a long time to read. You might be able to sacrifice an old USB 2. November 25, at 5: I also found out on newegg that caelb of the reviewer can repair or modify the bridge controller but i havent able to contact him.

Sounds like there is some damage to the drive that will only get worse if you keep powering it on. It should be shut off immediately.


My Hard Drive Dropped – Now What?

I have EIGHT drives, all have lasted at least 9 months of active use with 0 bad sectors on any of them. You might be able to find it if you execute dmesg right after plugging it in — it might be sdb, sdc, etc.

You need a thinner credit card to insert here as the thicker credit cards will not fit. I do not trust these externals at all for storing data even with a dual backup would prefer to use the drives as sata within the pc so i know there getting the right amount of power….

January 19, at 4: Looks like Toshiba failed on this one. I need ur help please. Hi Brian I did not lose any data as they failed on me before i even started to do my backups.

Click for more about me! They are their own beast, and most recoveries also require very expensive technology made specifically for HD repair. There are also two screws on the underside which must be undone to release the shield.

If they asked for the money calev the recovery up front then I would run. I could sell it to you as new and you would not notice it. Proudly powered by WordPress.

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Now move to the other short side with big vents. March 8, at 7: Step 3 is to take the MD5 of the whole drive as a single block device. At first, she was able to open the files.


January 20, at 7: The only way we can answer this question is to have the drive here so we can evaluate it in a controlled environment. March 10, at 5: October 25, at 6: Being on a budget with this type of problem is an issue because these recoveries usually involve repairs and its never cheap considering the clean room and engineer cleb required to safely evaluate and recover these scenarios.

Help a friend out.

How To Fix a Dropped Hard Drive – READ FIRST

hnd If you DONT want to take chances send it to someone with a clean room who has a policy for dropped drives that includes inspections before turning the drive on. I connected again but this time with any sign of a spin, just the sound of the HD trying to start up.

Easily done with the dd command.