All results of developments of Beholder company, all technologies and software functions realized in M6 series, that’s why today these are the best tuners from Beholder company. For the several years of active and very fruitful work this company developed multitude of TV tuners and gained a very enviable reputation of stably reliable manufacturer, producing exceptionally high quality products. This novelty, no doubts, claims for something more. Today we want to tell about new plugin “Crawling line”. And this is the main salt of sixth series, which, we hope, manufacturer will continue to develop in future. And it is twice pleasantly that it is almost nothing to forgive. You may download plugin from our Downloads page.

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Unfortunately, good impression is spoiled with slight slowing down, but something tells us that the release of new firmwares will fix this annoying issue. But this doesn’t reduce their value in the product line of modern TV tuners.

For us, however, as for many worshippers of Beholder TV tuners, this rrds has a great significance.

sewwieq Download Behold TV 607 RDS

In spite of that there was some criticism dds the review, new tuner favorably differs from other samples on the market. The video card is chilled by the highly productive WindForce 3X cooling system with heat pipes and three fans, which break off work at little …. And again, apparently for several years has found a point of stability. You may download it and view list of changes in our Downloads page.

Review of new plugin on site Hwp. Thermalright HR boasts a tower-like framework, consisting of a copper base, thirty-five aluminum plates, and eight nickel-plated heatpipes 6 mm each.

In every new series Beholder not only used best hardware components, but also original architecture solutions that raised the guiding line of quality and functionality even to the higher level. As in the previous model, it has possibility to turn on PC by remote control: Speed and time of work on battery will be sufficient for most modern users. You’ll not get it not trying it. Behold TV M6 Extra. But not quite all. Made on new, noticeably improved with the aim of noise resistance, PCB, it took all the best was in the other internal TV-FM tuners Beholder, and also got new interesting features and the remarkable function RDS, which will surely be estimated by those who like to listen to FM radio.


At least if you like to setup and try — Android provides all for this trials.

And it is twice pleasantly that it is almost nothing to forgive. Three audio jacks are also present.

Who may be surprised by such characteristics… But do we need to surprise every time? You may download plugin from our Downloads page. Here one harmoniously supplements the other. Low profile bracket and presence of connectors for both internal and external connection of IR-sensor for remote control makes Beholder Behold TV T7 a good candidate for installation to HTPC or even to ordinary PC, where behodl will suit for analog capture.

By the way, it is interesting to check not only the work with the native application BeholdTV, but also the work of two tuners M6 on Windows MCE, where developers promise behole please us by some uniquie features that for sure will be observed in next article.

Besides, there are TV boxes in the product line, that don’t need to connect to PC. We appreciate the use of multimedia shell, which, in our opinion, is a prerequisite for a modern media player. In “city” or with good cable TV signal it bbehold excellent picture.


Unusual achitecture, used in M6 tuners, turned to be more than just competent and balanced, offered for rather inexpensive sum the unique set of features, never seen in other tuners with hardware encoders, keeping at that time the reference high quality of picture and sound, and providing the most correct work with Media Center.

Be up on the news when watching MTV, Sport or Culture, change boring broadcaster to more interesting movie or what you like.

Beholder – TV on your PC!

From previous models M6 bbehold M6 Extra got very high functionality, excellent quality of hardware and software design and ease of control. Behold TV Voyage Lite. For gehold, unique feature for the Beholder tuners is the ability to ajust the picture for each channel individually, change the signal level and noise reduction, and now is a common for standalone tuners interface, that facilitates the TV channels rdz and further firmware update. Indeed, more than a year developers from Beholder wrought the novelties.

To its indisputable advantages may be refered the price, presence of very useful additional functions, such as recording and view with timeshift, and also advantages implied by its principles: There is a lot of materials in the network, describing all new capabilities of new operating system in details, that’s why we’ll not repeat it and will talk about readiness of all parts of our computers, and, in particular, review pecularities of using Beholder TV tuners under control of “Seven”.