And I would be very surprised if a G-based board from a certain manufacturer were to be less troublesome than a GeForce 8xbased board from the same manufacturer in Linux. Windows XP switches much more often than Mepis Linux, resulting in more performance loss to cache issues and better thermal balance. Wed Oct 22, 5: The gigabit speed network has always worked. So, what’s the scoop? For specific hardware reviews I would suggest looking at a site like http:

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That was spec’ed in the packaged system you mentioned four sticks of 2GB and that is a very reasonable choice.

I did, however, link an Asus board that is qualified for W and W processors. Comments in forums are property of their posters.

Status of support for AMD G chipset?

If you are running only one compute intensive application at any given moment, then it is a function of how that application was coded and most of them even graphics and heavily numeric programs aren’t coded to use multiple threads. Up to 12 USB 2.

If you buy a computer case with a power supply you get what you paid for. For specific hardware reviews I would suggest looking at a site like http: Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. And, my password is: The G chipset introduced SurroundView, which allows users to use leave the X IGP enabled for extra displays when a discrete graphics card is installed.


It takes significant extra effort to program an application to use multiple threads and most applications don’t. But that’s a lot of reading zmd the lines. However I’m seeing conflicting info here.

Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. Submitted by Mike Chin on Wed, Alright, Here is some more info: I was also able to get wireless networking working with it. Linux functions well or functions poorly with the particular device amv or chips used in the system, and it is those that you should seek to verify for their function with linux.

Status of support for AMD G chipset? You’re right, I won’t be using any of the pre-installed stuff anyway, and at hcipset I’ll know for sure what hardware I actually have. I can see there’s little love for Nvidia these days in AMD land Join Date Sep Beans I don’t think there’s any nVidia offering that maps directly to the since old nForce 5xx series boards, unlikely to handle high-end CPUs well.

Linux + AMD 780G Chipset = No eSATA PMP?

The computer is to be used cihpset a cheap audio workstation, but on the windows side, Im having trouble with feedback loops and latency while recording. It is not fast enough to play any hardcore 3d games but I’ve used it for 3d with return to castle wolfenstein as well quake2.


Looks to me like maybe the port multiplier is reporting errors on unused ports, which Ubuntu is then interpreting as a controller failure and resetting the whole shebang. If you’re buying a computer from NewEgg, especially if you won’t be using Vista, it is probably better to buy all the parts and assemble it. Do you ever wait for any compute bound task?

However reports indicate that other aspects of the chipset aren’t working natively.

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Log in or Sign up. If I know I’m not using integrated graphics, then having it there is a losing proposition. I don’t have anything that is p and can’t comment. Last edited by Jessard; dhipset But nothing without any integrated graphics and one x16 slot. By buying parts, you save significant cost up front.