The BIOS section was the first thing that surprised me positively. The slowest is the AOpen board which is two seconds after the leaders. At low stress you simply run the fans at half speed and when the games are running the rpm is increased again. Intel is still dominating the chipset market for the P4 and if someone knows how to build a stable chipset for the processor it must be Intel of course. In other words no risk for the card to get an unfair head start.

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Note that unusual orientation of the CPU socket itself.

We begin as usual with the CPU settings. Simply a little bit nicer than the original one. TechSpot is dedicated to computer enthusiasts and power users.

The front panel connector is in the lower left corner of the board, with the floppy connector above it along the left edge of the board as well. Avit interface allows for full customization through the Monitor Settings and the Display Settings windows.

ABIT AI7 – motherboard – ATX – Socket 478 – i865PE

This orientation was most likely implemented for better power delivery to the CPU and to increase system stability while under heavy load. ABIT positioned the slots themselves to that a seated AGP card does not interfere with memory installation or removal. Sure the specifications are in a great deal the same and there has not happened a lot in the layout front but there are still a few changes which would turn my early scepticism into only a memory.


The BIOS section was the first thing that surprised me positively. Comanche 4 Demo Benchmark xx32bit.

Suspicious Activity Detected

Other hardware found in all the test systems: As usual SiSoft Sandra begins the test suite. Note that there are spots on the board for an additional SATA controller and additional SATA ports, which are not included with this version of the board. The slots themselves are grouped in two sets of two, with each socket with a set color coordinated with a slot from the other set, to ease in enabling Dual Channel memory mode.

Introduction ABIT is very well known in the enthusiast circles.

Sign up for freeit takes 30 seconds. Since the launch several mainboards based on these chipsets has been pumped out in all versions. Have we ever had any problems overclocking our ABIT mainboards? MP3 encoding Fraunhofer II codec. The board under scrutiny is very clearly a revision 1. In the 3D tests qi7 ordinary setup follows. ABIT is very well known in the enthusiast circles.

The ABIT card will overclock just as usual without any problems at. Do you already have an account? TechBubbel Podcast — All of the programs which are included in the uGuru package are very user friendly and not at least useful.


In the Monitor Settings window, you can select upper and lower thresholds for all monitored items as well as the system response, such as system shutdown.

This location is good for power feed length abjt the CPU, but could pose some cable routing issues. The memory timings were as usual during all the tests. In the Comanche 4 test the AI7 feels like at home right away. Since this board is the entry level board in the AI7 series, only a minimal of items are included with the board, including: The suite of applications work in tandem with the onboard uGuru chipset to receive data concerning hardware health, as well as to implement changes in current hardware settings such as FSB and voltage.


Wednesday, November 19, No, create an account now. Here are all the settings you need for FSB, voltage etc but unfortunately one little mistake has slipped through. The voltage limitations that existed on the IS7 are now completely gone.