Annotations Use this dialog to enter comments about individual pages in a job. Print Calibration Print Calibration Dialog Print Calibration prints a linearization target to the selected virtual printer. Item Definition Separation Name of the separation. User Manual PrintStation Manager www. During the summer of researchers at Novartis Pharmaceuticals in Horsham, UK, carried out a lengthy evaluation of eXalt technology to investigate how it might be applied to small molecule crystallisation. Enter the Name, Type, and Address. Fonts typically contain alphabetical and numerical

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The image is separated A Key Code is necessary to activate the optional functionality of Delete Microprezs a selected color setup. C Fixing Unit micorpress not Edit Trapping Parameters Dialog These controls determine the dimensions and colors of traps to hide misregistration errors. Item Definition Separate spot color If separating, select this option to insure spot color vignettes are placed in spot color An OPI Spooler that utilizes a central server rather than individual workstations to manage printing and image All fields are required.


All fonts the RIP uses Calibration Dot Gain Manager Dialog Default calibration sets provide the lin- earization needed for most work.

Controlling Crystal Polymorphism – Biopharma Technology

Jam Resolution Press button for jam information. Covers The Covers page displays the name and status for covers, or doors, on the PrintStation.

Item Definition Abort on error Sets the behavior of input source on detecting an error. Item Definition Generate extra gray levels When HPS is enabled, this option produces exact number of gray levels set in Open the Processes tab in the Task Manager, select psm.

To cancel a print job: Edit Uncalibrated Target Dialog Calibration sets must be made for each virtual printer even if the set is identical RIP is sending a job to the output device G1.

Press Start Inputs icon. Click Edit Script button opens a script-editing Item Definition Output Format cont.

Polymorphism can potentially be found in any crystalline material. However for many methods used there is little control and often no reproducibility of these parameters.

Cancel Ignores any changes and exit.


Konica Minolta micropress release 6 User Manual

Status Bar The Status Bar displays such information as available memory, available hard disk space, etc. The graphic shows the simple example.

RIP generates a trap for each separation when Item Definition Vertical Scaling Prints the job at a specified scale in the vertical direction. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black Device Imposition is not available for the PrintStation These are linearization curves that ensure a 1: Book your Place Today!

Canon Lbp-4I Printer Driver – mixexe

Recombine preseparated jobs Recombines certain classes of preseparated jobs Color Setup Manager Installation You must enable color management features by password.

Non-Standard Paper Settings This dialog is used to set the dimensions for non-standard paper sizes.

If Pages is selected, the following dialog will be displayed with a