Now going to check whether it works. To date, not many manufacturers provide a true sensor driver for their GPS receivers, and GPS receivers that are integrated into tablet and ultrabook platforms are still fairly rare. From the GPSDirect download page, select the or bit driver as is appropriate for your system. I’ve got a Lumia In fact, I can telnet to Weather gadget and GPS don’t work together.

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The lower frame shows the time reported by the GPS receiver, and once a fix is obtained it will display:.

NMEA Sensor Driver for Windows 7 and Windows 8

Thanks for making this available. Hi Michael, Great work!!

Turbo GPS or Hyperterminal and verify that your settings work. Sunday, July 17, 3: The x86 driver installed fine. Sunday, January 3, 8: But I think this does not solve my problem.

For what ever reason I had the impression the driver stopped working when I closed it’s window. The strange thing is if i uninstall the driver and then immediatley reinstall it then it all starts working again until the next reboot. Basically the driver still runs when the window is closed.


No help on this from anyone? Sunday, August 15, 7: With location sensors — including GPS devices, WWAN radios, and even triangulation technology — your applications and gadgets can know exactly where they are, enabling them to provide gpsdirecg locally relevant content and functionality.

It worked immediately with no issue. Damned if i dont have applications that cannot open the serial port.

No GPS? No problem! Using GPSDirect to develop location-aware apps (Part 1)

The sensor driver now correctly shows the properties. Is that something planned for future releases? Sunday, December 16, 3: My application would “auto-detect” GPS port by iterating all ports esnsor and checking for NMEA data manually and then configure the driver to use the discovered port.

I have a device that does the same thing Sixnet Cell Modem and i also cannot get it to work over ip.

GPS Generic NMEA COM Port (Bluetooth, USB etc) Sensor Driver

Add a Comment Sign in Have a technical question? Monday, September 28, Since you do have a COM7 port that opens with hyperterminal, that port should be able to get opened by any other application, no matter what the bluetooth manager says. Thinkpad users with a GOBI card experienced this situation.


Tuesday, January 22, 4: Hi Michael, the driver work great, do you plan on adding reconnect capability? How do you use this with the pdc laptop?

Download GPSDirect NMEA Sensor bit Driver for Windows 7 –

Saturday, October 27, 3: When I rebooted my weather gadget cannot find any location and when I open gpsdirect it does not find any satellites. I managed to get NMEA signal from my Globalsat BU GPS which i purchased just because people have been successful making it work with your driverhowever, the driver does not get the stream properly under win8. Looking forward gpzdirect have any feedback on this! Or does it detect everything automatically? I am trying to capture NMEA v2. One more thing though: If so, click sensr “yes”, since location-based applications won’t work without the location service.