If not I am ok with say 2. Going on the tubes is excellent btw. Only thing wrong I see is that it’s a d30 Seriously though, it looks like it’ll be a pretty nice setup. Nice the build up thread I have been waiting for. D30 SAS on 98 Ranger. In some cases, these cookies allow us to process your requests faster as it allows us to record your website preferences.

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Looks good so far. Plus it’s always easier while the axle is out. Log in or Sign up.

D3O and SAS-Tec technologies – Probikeshop

But that looks like a lot of threads showing on the joint. Any other ideas on what I should do to modify the bucket would be appreciated!! I need to do some more measuring at the junk yard to get my facts in order. MidnightRebel07January 8, Top of Page. Bolt patterns would then become an issue though. Find all posts by 98liftedranger. May 2, Sqs Will defiantly be following this. Yeah EBs are drums. What coils are those, XJs? Keep a lot of adjustment on stuff and make it all work.


bronco II 3link d30 sas

October 5, Messages: July 14, Messages: Add Thread to del. I’m using Skyjacker 4″-6″ lift extended brake lines and they bolted up fine to the stock D30 brake caliper Heres how the coils are sitting right now on the stock coil bucket.

Well, the driver side bracket stayed together and I got 2’2″ heim – heim. That’s pretty lucky the previous owner did a spline 8. Whats up with your winch cable?

The jam nuts with zinc cadium plating are left hand threaded, and the plain steel ones are right hand threaded. Donor vehicle was a 87 wrangler d30 with the central axle disconnect with a cable actuator instead of vacuum.

Agree with Froader there man! Dismiss Notice Register for free access to owner generated reviews, discussion, tech tips, and more! It’s almost better to get a late 70s F D44 and have the passenger side c30 for an EB shaft.

I’ve got them on all my one ton trucks and if it wasn’t for the fact they have to support a diesel motor id rather have coils. I think the d30 is my ticket. And leaves just won’t flex quite like coils haha.


I really like this feature because it allows me to use low range while still in 2wd. To meet these requirements, manufacturers work with smart materials which are not just used in sport but also in industry and the military.

t5cents official d30 SAS thread

It will move forward as it compresses so you should be fine. In some cases, these cookies involve the use of your personal data.

Heres some pictures of the progress that x30 been made using a ’91 Xj High Pinion D The basic plan is a copy of what t5cents did https: