For more information, see “Turning your wireless Ethernet emitter on or off” on page If you have chosen America Online as an ISP, follow these instructions to set up and connect to your account. To get the best performance from your notebook, avoid using the battery whenever possible, monitor the battery charge, and use the most efficient power management settings. If you do not see the contents of the drive, click Show the contents of this drive. For more information, see “Adjusting the volume” on page When you move your notebook between environments with very different humidity or temperature ranges, condensation may form on or within your notebook.

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For the location of the VGA port, see “Left side” on page 3. Clicking the minimize button reduces the active window to a button on the taskbar.

See these sources for more information about networking your home or office with wired or wireless Ethernet. Do not drop your notebook or subject it to other physical shocks. Pinnacle Expression is a video capture program that lets you capture and edit full-motion video, single images, and audio through the IEEE port.

Exposure could damage the data on the diskette. Ask your network administrator to help you select the correct network jack. Be careful when you remove a PC Card that has been used for extended periods. Using Windows Printing a document To print a document, you must have a printer connected to your notebook or have access to a network printer.


The Final Burn Settings screen opens. A group of related Web pages is called a Web site. Just click the topics below to get started. Ethernte the keyword drivers in the Search box Search [ fl, then click the arrow. Press the left button and hold it down, then use the touchpad to move drag the object to the appropriate part of the screen.

The Windows Welcome screen opens. To check the hard drive for errors: Gateway products support wired and wireless Ethernet networks and powerline networks.

Can’t get Gateway 200ARC notebook connected to internet (no ethernet cont. driver)

The Fax Service Management window opens. File Edit View Favorites Tools Help Clicking the maximize button expands the active window to fit the entire ethernrt display.

Use these keys to type numbers when the numeric keypad is turned on. Maintaining Your Gateway Protecting your notebook from viruses A virus is a program that attaches itself to a file on a 200rac, then spreads from one computer to another. For more information, see “Adding and removing a PC Card” on page A SpeedStep-equipped processor can change its operating speed according to the power source.


Press the wireless Ethernet button located above the keyboard. Select an object on the screen.

Baa Gateway X05 X10 arc USB Dc-in Board | eBay

Type the keyword searching in the Search box then click the arrow. Basic setup If you aren’t connected to the Internet, or you want to create a 200adc connection click this link. For instructions on changing the power button mode, see “Changing power settings” on page Window item Description fr Local Etherneg C: Yes, my password is: Press these colored keys in combination with the Fn key to perform specific actions. Viruses can damage data or cause your notebook to malfunction.

When spilled onto computer components, almost any liquid can result in extremely expensive repairs that are not covered under your warranty.

Downloads for IntelĀ® 82574 Gigabit Ethernet Controller

The Modem Properties dialog box opens. For more information, see “Activating and using Hibernate mode” on page After completing the setup, you are ready to access the Internet. For more information about the using the Windows Media Player, click Help.